3D BGE metal keyring

3D BGE metal keyring

For the videogame BGE (Beyond Good and Evil), we were asked to create an OEM 3D metal keyring.

To do it, our client provided us in-game pictures of Pey’J so we could create the 3D version. We worked closely with the teams to make sure the keyring would be as detailed as possible. It’s always pretty hard on a keyring because it’s a small size item. Once the 3D asset was approved, we manufactured the mold to create the first mock-up. Our factory team worked on the details and finishing to make it look a bit used and with the color the client wanted.

We also added the little gems on the keyring to make it look even better!

The final product sis quite heavy because the details are very important here so we needed to have enough material. But this gives an even more qualitative look!

So if you want to make a 3D version of your hero, of course you can do it with resin but also with PVC, but you can also do it with metal.

If you have a project and don’t know which material to chose, provide us your artworks. Depending on the details, the look but also the budget you have, we will provide you the solutions.