Engraved dog tag keyring

Do you have your engraved dog tag keyring?

If you’re looking for nice and good looking keyring, the engraved dog tag keyring will probably fit all your needs.

Even though it’s a quite simple item, we can do anything you want: add a PVC outline around the keyring, add colors to the printing, change the keychain…etc. You can make it your own and make it just like your atmosphere.

Of course, we can imagine any other 2D metal keyring not just the Dog Tag version. The shape can be fully customized (as for the 3D metal keyring). Your imagination is the limit for this kind of product.

What’s important also is  the packaging here. Keyrings are standard items, but if you add a nice-looking and well made. We can add an OEM box or pouch to put the keyring in, then your keyring is a nice gift to offer or product to sell.

On these 2 examples, we worked with Ubisoft and Activision for 2 big licences. The dogtag fits perfectly with the game atmosphere and history. It was the perfect match!

The good thing is also that it can be personnalized on both sides, you can also make it nominative for a team for example. Each person can get its own keyring.

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