OEM custom sunglasses

OEM custom sunglasses : personalized and safe!

One of the most enjoyable gifts! It will probably fit your needs when it comes to communication. But of course you need to pay attention to certifications and security. This kind of item is part of controlled items because they need to protect you correctly from the sun damages. we can manufacture any OEM custom sunglasses.

We created lots of glasses, sunglasses, glowing in the dark, XXL size, fashionable … We did it with many materials and many shapes.

Once you have an idea of the sunglasses you’d like, we will look for it through our factories to make sure we can get the same shape. Then, we will check the certifications and if needed organize the different tests (CE mostly). Once the tests are ok, we will launch production. Of course, testing depend on the delivered/distribution countries. We will study this with our lab partners.

For this kind of product, the packaging is also very important as it’s quite fragile so we always pay attention to it. We provide good protection items or boxes to ensure the shipment will be ok.