Manufacturing OEM embroidered patches

Manufacturing OEM embroidered patches : one of the best item for promotion

If you need a fun, fashionable item, manufacturing OEM embroidered patches will be the perfect match!

Although it’s a really common product, it’s not an easy one. Indeed, you need to have an expert knowledge of the different embroidery Technics or requirements to make sure the final product will look perfect.

Depending of the graphic design we will have to chose how many different color thread we are going to need to use. We will be here to give you the best advice to get the patch you exactly want. There will probably be limits if you need a very precise design or with many colors or effects.

For example:

  • writings need to be at least 2 mm thick and 4 mm height to be nice and readable
  • There can only be 9 colors of thread
  • The fabric you’ll put the embroidery on to depend on your requirements (ironing for example)
  • The design you wan to do will induce the choice between printing and embroidering

We also can manufacture patches with thermo-glue or with Velcro on the back. It also depends on what you want to do with the patches in the end but also with the budget you have.

We can work on the shape as well and make it as you want, and even the fabric, it can be PVC/Polyester, check the pictures.

Don’t forget the packaging of your patch because we consider packaging as important as the product itself. We can make sets or unit pack with a polybag or a box. We also work on the eco-friendly materials.