OEM Viking costume accessories

Hej! Need to get in the viking mood, we’re here to manufacture OEM Viking costume accessories

If you need OEM Viking costume accessories, you can contact us but we can also manufacture any other costume accessories, viking or not! We can work on textile items and make any OEM textile items, we can also work on accessories as we did here with weapons or shields.

We work with specialized factories in Europe and in China to offer you the best solution. If you have a defined budget, we’ll work on the fabric. We can make cotton only items but it will be more expensive. Otherwise we can make polyester clothes and it will be more affordable.

The most important thing for us is that we can really offer you the solution that fit the best to your whole project: budget, planning, packaging…etc.

As it is fully OEM item, you can chose all the elements: size, colors, shape…etc. The quantities might influence the project and the choices you’ll have to make. The more quantities you need, the more options you’ll have. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t help you with small quantities.

As we are specialized in the video game industry, we often realize collectible items which are often in small quantities. Then we have all the partners around the world to give positive answer to your projects.

All weapons or shield items might be considered as toys, of course we can organize all required tests such as EN71 to make sure the items are safe. We have specialized clerks to help us with the different tests needed.

The costume accessories or clothes can be very big, it requests precise consideration for logistics. As it is volumetric, we can use rail or sea shipment depending on the planning as well as the budget.

Let’s get in touch here.