Just Dance phone ring : Beary awesome!

A beary awesome and practical product: the Just Dance phone ring.

This Just Dance phone ring is the perfect gift for everyone. You just need to stick it behind your phone and then can hold your phone surely. Then you can easily take pictures of your cast and post it on the social networks .

Just Dance 2019 is a funny, colorful game, we needed to create an item that would perfectly fits these different things. The coolest part here is that the shape of the acrylic part can be any shape you want. The sticker on the back is 3M so it holds very strongly to the phone. However it doesn’t damage the phone. This item aims to any-age player.

This is the perfect example of a custom-made item, we receive a brief with all information, pictures to get inspired, then we offer several possibilities and then we support the client through each step of the project. You can check all these steps and our internal process here.

This phone ring has been distributed on some web platform (like Amazon) for each client pre-ordering the videogame. This kind of commercial action is very important, this little extra will make the player even happier.