Manufacturing project management? We’re here!

Project management

Listening, Analyzing, Creating: we are here throughout the whole manufacturing project management.

Firstly, project management in manufacturing is not easy, indeed it requests many skills and flexibility.

As your project is unique, we obviously need to create a tailor-made approach. Since we have experienced many different projects, we can help you creating and designing anything you want.

If you have an idea or project, we are here to support you throughout the whole process. In order to do that, we’ll work together and you’ll have a dedicated project manager as point of contact.

Our strength is to be stem from video games’ world to understand all the constraints and rules. We often work with our Asian partners but also have contacts with factories all-over Europe. Following your project, we’ll define the better solution and factory, then we’ll establish a precise check list. Indeed, your project will define the technical requirements and limits, the legal rules (tests, certifications…), logistics.

We are organized to deliver all-around the world and can even store for you.

What are our skills?

  1. Analyzing your project : we’ll take all information to create a precise road map.
  2. Sourcing: with all our partners, we’ll find the perfect factory to realize your projects.
  3. Reverse schedule: thanks to all the information, we’ll set up the reverse schedule accordingly. We’ll pay attention to give you all milestones.
  4. Logistics plan: considering the schedule and your requirements, we’ll offer you the best solution.
  5. Production follow-up: we’ll manage the whole production process.
  6. Delivery: we’ll take your requirements to organize deliveries all around the world.

All these different steps will be considered according to our values. That is to say : environmental concerns, code of conduct…etc. We try to use sustainable materials, to reduce packaging or use better materials, make sustainable products.

We also value the end-customer to make sure he will love the product and want to keep it for a long long time!

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