Resident Evil: mansion replica

This kind of diorama is the ultimate collectible, having the Resident Evil mansion replica on your shelf is so cool!

At the very beginning of this project, we got pictures, inspirational content from the video game. We are used to work with Non Disclosure Agreement and get very confidential assets. Then, we got to work on the 3D files, it was a very long work. After the 3D has been approved, we worked on the different molds, 3 molds were needed to finally arrive to the final version of the mansion replica.

On the front of the mansion, you can see some slots, you can fit the game box into it. This great collectible item was part of the collector edition of Resident Evil VII.

The whole project management lasted for around 8 months. Between the 3D sample, final sample, CapCom approval and final delivery.

We had to think over the logistics to make sure the replica won’t be damaged during transport. Resin material can be pretty fragile for little parts (such as the beams). To do this, we work closely with factories to make all relevant tests before shipment to make sure the packing is safe. We also have our forwarder helping us to approve the best solution based on the product and shipping way (sea/air/rail). We have a complete range of solutions that will fit to your needs.

Resident Evil is a game of the company Capcom, the distribution rights were obtained by a third company, Creative and Cool was positioned as designer and director of the manor.