Welcome box Ghost Recon

Welcome box Ghost Recon : be part of the Delta Company

The videogame Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon has a community programs that allows fans to apply for many missions: communication, community graphic design, tournament…etc. It’s called the Delta Company. We were asked to create a full package as a Welcome Box once players enrolled in the Ghost Recon leaders community.

Then we had to create the content of the box as well as the container.

Here’s the content list:

  • OEM embroidered patch
  • Engraved dog tag
  • Stickers
  • OEM pins pouch
  • Engraved military bottle
  • Embroidered beany
  • 2 printed tee-shirts

Each product has been selected in the military/war environment we can have in the game. We also paid attention to quality, the members of a special team need to feel that they are special and it also comes through the quality of each item.

We also paid attention to the kind of branding. Engraving or embroidery are two qualitative branding giving to the final product a luxury aspect.

We also worked on the box to chose the correct size and nice fitting method inside. then we coordinated the whole packing process and dispatched the sets fully packaged.

At Creative and Cool, we can support you through your A to Z project as we did it here. If you have any request, implying multiple products, packing, dispatching to different delivery places, we are here! Contact us.